Peacefully Serving Nashville, TN


Services are charged by the hour and a minimum of 2 hours per service is required.  Mileage charges may apply, depending on distance.   Call today and let's discuss your ideas. 
(203) 814-0877

Client Referral:
I strongly believe that my service should speak for itself.  Referrals are greatly appreciated, as well as rewarded.  Refer my services to a friend, and recieve $30.00 off your next service (of 2 hours or more).

Payment Methods Include:
Paypal, Charge, Cash


  1. Space Consultation
    Let's meet and see what we can do to create peace and ambiance in your home or workspace. Contact me now to schedule your free Space Consultation.
  2. Personal Organizing
    Organization is such a crucial foundation to creating a peaceful space. Freeing your home of excess clutter is very liberating and allows for order to be restored or introduced into your home or workspace.
  3. Packing & Unpacking
    Whether moving to a new home or packing for a trip, let me help minimize your stress. In addition to strategically packing and unpacking for you, I am also able to tie up any pesky loose ends.
  4. Personal Shopping & Concierge Services
    There are MANY ways to give your home a new look and feel, even if you are on a budget. My unique eye and thrifty shopping sense can provide your home, workspace or wardrobe the spruce up you've been dreaming about, without spending a fortune.