Professional Organizing Services

Comfort – Functionality - Sophistication

These are the primary goals and standards of home organizing service, Creating Peaceful Spaces.

CPS is owned and operated by Elizabeth Strolle, a Connecticut native with over 20 years of customer service and personal assistance experience. She also owns a B.A. degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University.

Ever since she can remember, Elizabeth always enjoyed organizing and cleaning. This began with her parents’ house, much to their appreciation. She has always maintained an eye for home organization, or “Feng Shui.” It was in her young adult years that she decided to pursue her natural born organizing skills professionally, thus leading to her founding and operating Creating Peaceful Spaces (CPS).   

Elizabeth is very solution-oriented, and sees beyond spatial obstacles to create spaces that "make sense". Your comfort is her comfort. 

"Creating Peaceful Spaces is something very meaningful and important to me.  When I imagine what a home should feel like, I think of a place one feels most comfortable. Not just comfortable, but also a sacred space to be proud to call your own. So many times we allow ourselves to settle in spaces less than what we deserve because the flow of life is set at a faster pace than we are able to keep up with.   Often times, the challenges we face with home organization begin as a simple misuse of space.  A fresh set of eyes and years of experience can make a world of difference.

A clean and organized home has been proven to relieve stress and promote wellbeing. Your home is your sanctuary, and it shouldn't add to the stress we endure in our lives outside of home.  It was Martha Stewart who said, “clutter prevents us from letting anything new into our lives.”  This is a very meaningful quote to Elizabeth because it makes her think of the endless possible meanings.  If we think of clutter as something that holds us back from what we really want out of life, then what is holding us back from clearing out a little space?

Elizabeth not only makes homes glow with organization and style, but she savors the bond between the client and herself. She realizes the personal aspect of such a task, thus developing a personable relationship, which comes naturally to her.  Elizabeth approaches each job with the utmost integrity and sensitivity, and is sure to clarify exactly what is desired from the client.

"Customer service should be honest, professional, efficient, attentive and consistent.  You can be assured these are qualities I maintain and do not take lightly. I am committed to your satisfaction, and will do everything in my power to bring your vision to life."

Taking the first step is often the hardest with home organization and home improvement projects. Let Creating Peaceful Spaces assist you with this first step.

Creating Peaceful Spaces holds a provisional membership with NAPO (National ASsoCiation of professional organizing).