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    What does Creating Peaceful Spaces mean?


    Creating Peaceful Spaces is the name and mantra for what I would like to achieve with all of my clients, whether in their home, or place of business. Let me help turn an area of contention into an area of calming stability. The grind of daily life can be hectic, messy, fast-paced and exhausting. We don't always have the time to put our things back where they belong and sometimes these things don't have a place at all. Before we know it, areas in our home can begin to feel overwhelming, noisy, chaotic and unsightly. Often times people give up trying, because they can't see their way out. This is where I can help. With efficient organizational skills and a vision for creating peaceful spaces, your home or place of business can soon be a place of serenity.
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    How does this work?


    It all begins with a phone call. Let me know what you'd like to improve about your space and we can set up a Space Consultation to further discuss ideas and options. The job can be as small as your junk drawer or linen closet, and can be as big as your entire house. Services are individually tailored to suit your lifestyle, budget, and needs.
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    What if I am nervous about someone touching my things?


    Any correspondence, consultations or work assignments will be with me, personally. Before I begin working with my clients, it is important that I build a platform where my clients are both comfortable with the organization process, as well as with me.
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    Will I have to get rid of my things?


    You don't have to get rid of anything you don't want to. We can work together to prioritize and organize. If you do choose to purge items, additionally I am able to assist with donating your items or listing them for sale online. I firmly believe in recycling as well as helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Donations can be made to any local donation center of your choice.
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    Am I obligated to schedule or pay for follow-up services?


    Absolutely not. If you choose to have follow-up services, I would be more than happy to schedule those services with you. I am at your service to help you on a one-time basis, or on a seasonal basis. Services may be recommended, but the decision to schedule any service, is completely up to you.
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    Will I need to purchase storage bins, shelves or additional organizational products?


    It is possible that additional storage products may need to be purchased. First, let's schedule a Space Consultation, see what we have to work with, and then we can go from there. Purchasing and implementing organizational products are a part of my services and will be built into service costs. Service costs are discussed and agreed upon, prior to services rendered.
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    Are services confidential?


    Absolutely. All inquiries, services, and client information is kept 100% confidential.
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    Is there cleaning involved with organizing?


    To me, cleaning and organizing go hand in hand. There will be light cleaning involved with services and while I specialize in organizing, if I can help refer a local and reputable cleaning company to you for additional cleaning, it would be my pleasure.
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    What if I am unhappy with the services?


    Change can be intimidating at first, however, my priority as a professional organizer is to make sure my clients feel comfortable about what we are doing and how the improvements we're making will benefit over-all quality of life. Customer satisfaction is my guarantee and if something isn't right, I will fix it.
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